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Elektro was established in 1979 and since has been providing electronic and electromechanical components to Defense, White Goods, Metering, Consumer Electronics, Industrial and Telecom markets in Turkey. Elektro is a well-experienced and official franchised distributor of global companies.


1979 ELEKTRO was founded as an Electronic Research and Development Company.

1980 Started trading of electronic components. Elektro developed and produced marine type public announcement system and power phase failure relay for motors.

1981 Released the first Panel Type Digital Power Factor Meter in the World.

1982 First representation with Telegärtner. Elektro developed and produced Power Factor Controller and Digital Pf meter. Also Elektro started to produce Electric Reactive Power Correction Panels.

1991 Establishment of GESA.

1996 Elektro acquired Alcatel Teletaş facilities and renamed as KOMSA. Signed an agreement to produce Alcatel’s System12 Digital Exchanges, Radio Link Systems and Payphones.

2001 Komsa finalized its OEM contract with Alcatel and began to develop own branded 19’’ Network and Server rack cabinets. Komsa changed the name and became CANOVATE.

2002 Elektro is awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification.

2017 Elektro is TRACE certified